Facility Availability for Arenas, Fields & Gymnasium

Facility Availability for Arenas, Fields & Gymnasium

Click on ARENAS or FIELDS below to view Daily Availability (Up to September 2018) for these spaces.

To make a Booking for the Arenas or Fields (Full or Half), Please Call 780-960-5080 and press '0' to book with a Customer Service Representative.

Click on GYMNASIUM to view daily availability (up to June 2018) for the Gymnasium. Please note the Gymnasium calendar is provided here for drop-in availability information only.


North and South Arena Availability*.

*Please note a 15 minute flood is required between rentals.

** Annual Maintenace Closure:

North Arena: June 3- July 30, 2018

South Arena : June 3-July 2, 2018


North and South Field Availability

(Full or Half Field) *Sport Court Flooring Mid-March to Mid-October


North and South Gymnasium Availability*

*Ordinarily, one half of the Gymnasum is kept available for spontaneous use.

Several drop-in sports are planned at consistently scheduled times and days of the week - see our Drop-In activity page at for more information.